the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

13 Nov 2010

Boing Being - Saturday 15


We're finished!

Despite the technical problems we managed to do the show on Saturday evening. The movies here show a glimpse of the projections that we shot. Thanks to people who supplied us drawings that we used to make the animations. We'll be editing a better quality movie of the whole show later. And thanks for Good Band for the soundtrack.

As a conclusion we can tell that we managed to keep the budget minimum and recycle all of the cardboard of the Nordic, Danish and Belgian pavillions. So, give trash a chance, please.

We ran the workshop with main theme of Architecture of Mind and daily subthemes of Fear, Machine and Self-portrait. The main thing, however, was to make people do something differently. This was sort of an experiment on play. From another angle you can see the global society work more and more like a machine, the place of individual inside it defined by fear and by one's capability to handle it. That's where you are and what you are. It's a changing in-between state of being that we are.

Thanks, we're off!

Tiina & Tommi / Boing Being

Boing Being - Saturday 14

Saturday evening projections, part three.

Boing Being - Saturday 15

Saturday evening projections, part four.

Boing Being - Saturday 13

Saturday evening projections, part two.

Boing Being - Saturday 12

Saturday evening projections, part one.

Boing Being - Saturday 11

We thank for all the participants for their effort they did by drawing material to us. In total we got 228 works. The themes for the three 6-hour days of the workshop were Fear, Machine and Self-portrait.

Each of the prized artists will receive a full-year (4 issues) subscription of Kuti magazine.

We've used some of the works here and many others to create simple animations by using metamorphosis. We'll update the complete movie for you to see on this blog later when we're back in Finland.

So, stay tuned and thank you!

Boing Being - Saturday 10

Drawing competition results - Shared First Prize: Barbara Charbonnier

Boing Being - Saturday 9

Drawing competition results - Shared First Prize: Alessandro Di Mario, Italy

Boing Being - Saturday 8

Drawing competition results - Shared First Prize: Gloria Selini, Italy

Boing Being - Saturday 7

Drawing competition results - Shared First Prize: Earlomarie & Melvino, Canada

Boing Being - Saturday 6

Drawing competition results - Shared First Prize: Siloée Vassal (7.5 yo), France

Boing Being - Saturday 5

Drawing competition results - Mention of Honour: Alessandro Faiella, Italy

Boing Being - Saturday 4

Drawing competition results - Mention of Honour: Francesco Caberlon, Italy

Boing Being - Saturday 3

Drawing competition results - Mention of Honour: Iris Loretta Llanos, England

Boing Being - Saturday 2

Drawing competition results - Mention of Honour: Michelle Davis, Italy

Boing Being - Saturday 1

Drawing competition results - Mention of Honour: (artist unknown)

12 Nov 2010

Boing Being - Friday 10 - SELF-PORTRAIT


In the lautaskuoppa of the horse of Kupera nests saveta

Be a good horse, be,
it gallops over the hatred

Be a courageous horse,
the forest gallops open

open over the fear, run, a grass, a sea,
take the wind,
the brush is a heart,
a hair brushes the eyes,
there is a hair

inside every horse a sleep lives,
song of the moist shell
which never ceases

And the foot to step

water to fill the light to pierce your place
your lung lets

the mornings come - -

the picture is never your own

(as translated from Finnish into English with variety of online translators)

Boing Being - Friday 9

Crappy sample of the animations, part three.

Boing Being - Friday 8

Crappy sample of the animations, part two.

Boing Being - Friday 7

Crappy sample of the animations, part one.

Boing Being - Friday 6


Outside, we were joined by Bigfoot.

Boing Being - Friday 4


We used simple morph software to mix the different drawings and themes behind them - free-form storytelling.

Boing Being - Friday 5


The day is done, workshop over and time for wine.

Boing Being - Friday 3


Italians - they like to pose.

Boing Being - Friday 2


Thanks to people using their time to draw us material.

Boing Being - Friday 1


Last day's theme "Self-portrait" seemed to inspire people.

11 Nov 2010

Boing Being- Thursday 6 - MACHINE

W-A-A-ALLL is-s-s-s-s everywhere-e-e-e-e,
power hönkivät hands
metal thirst
automatic ihmelapsi
wad-blouse-dog the assembly line moves
cheap jam from telecommunications company
awakening beak of the mobile in lit iris.
The bubble bath bubbles prettily,
it is warm?
Scoopful of ice-cream & soda drinks to straight bed,
on sprayer prettily tan
extension of the cuticle
from the base the sure picture
is shot at by 15 times in a second.
Really lanky foot
buttons in the refrigerator
he spring siren cools feelings, it is been prettily.
Packed feelings
every day of the year.
The year is short.
It is been machines every day in our life.

(as translated from Finnish into English with variety of online translators)

Boing Being - Thursday 5


Finland? That way.

Boing Being - Thursday 4


We're going to work out some animations out of people's drawings.

Boing Being - Thursday 3


Meanwhile, we keep getting big pile of drawings each day, all sorts of.

Boing Being - Thursday 2


We encouraged people to join in building the installation and characters, but one couple of were brave enough.

Boing Being - Thursday 1


Another day, bucketful of coffee and back to work.

10 Nov 2010

Boing Being - Wednesday 7 - FEAR

WHEN night sleeps on your cheek,
when night sleeps under your cheek
the ghosts behind the wallpapers begin their song
motor scrap in heart
the lowest gate opens
into garage, on trip Alinen
twitching meat, cold ripples
here all the hands are present
on forehead, stomach, neck
the body loses its distance
it identifies only the forest in forest
the shout dresses the sleep
with brush of the pyramid hair in fire
you count square metres
trip to the stars, core of your fears

(as translated from Finnish into English with variety of online translators)

Boing Being - Wednesday 5


Not the Black Horse.

Boing Being - Wednesday 4


Equipment: silver paper, cardobard boxes, knives, tape and white paint.

Boing Being - Wednesday 3


We're building a stage here, for a show that will take its form during the week.

Boing Being - Wednesday 2


The installation we do is done by improvising.

Boing Being - Wednesday 6

The quality here shows that we made the camera out of cardboard also.

Boing Being - Wednesday 1


The people here seem to like drawing.

9 Nov 2010

Boing Being - Tuesday - MIND

THE PATH must be gone,

wide brain path into gulfs of the subconscious

with the walls they swing the mind

restless animals

warm, cold, warm

the prophecies echo in the one to be gone

they move the one dozing

splendid valiant powerful dream

thought behind the universe

from possibilities

from limitless thought, from wide


to sing the aria

one widens, widens

it is based on the time, it begins anew, to dream

one dreams, it looks for a form

one can look for true

truly rumble olemisen hormistoa

seinää float snarl facing

farm farm

mental kehikoissa

fly save and brad

spectrum sky and slept

scale liberty , shady architecture

(As translated from Finnish into English with variety of online translators, we present you the new online language that's created in-between.)

Boing Being - Tuesday 4

It turned alive.

Boing Being - Tuesday 6

Shame we couldn't use the shadows so much as the opening hours were during day time.

Boing Being - Tuesday 2

Our aim is to use as much as possible recycled materials.

Boing Being - Tuesday 3

But... we cannot resist the charm of a silvery paper roll we found.

Boing Being - Tuesday 1


Keeping it simple.

Boing Being - Late Tuesday

After experiencing 5 hours of super-fast Italian internet on Tuesday night we gave up and decided to try again this morning. So, we are here, finally:


Workshop Wednesday-Friday from 11 to 17.

We'll be working through the week with the theme that states in the headline. What that means will reveal itself during the week.

We'll ask people to join us in a workshop to draw and build improvised images and installations of cardboard sculptures. As materials we'll recycle cardboard, wood and whatever the mansions of Nordic Pavillion feed us with.

What we'll be looking for are states of in-between, structures of unconsciousness. During the week we'll use the material done to create short animations and poetry, in search of something in-between. The textual material is filtered out via different online translators.

Every day of the workshop will contain a simple separate theme, merely to inspire the people who want to join us. From the works we'll each day select three who'll be awarded with a one year subscription of our comic tabloid Kuti.

The week will end up with a selected exhibition of the works, animations and performance. This to be happening on Saturday. What comes to details, we'll inform more about them later through this blog.

Best regards,

At Work With

Tiina Lehikoinen & Tommi Musturi


7 Nov 2010

Final work

Sunday visitors.