the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

28 Aug 2010

ABBA freak

Our karakoke evening continues with hard working Malin Zimm, senior advisor in architecture at the Swedish Museum of Architecture.

Pure japanese beauty

Our new heroine and idol Sachiko Tamashige, Japanese journalist, makes an absolutely astonishing karaoke performance of Pucchini. We were all so moved we started to cry, and this is true. She continued with O holy night and Misty, and recieved a proposal for marriage.

Coffee break

The Biennale is tiring. But we can always offer the necessary coffe break. We use all the cheap tricks we can to make people stay.

Tuomas in da House

Finnsih rapper, architect, and member of the board of the Finnish architectural museum Tuomas Toivonen makes a hugely applauded performance of architect rap. Go buy his brand new lp record Urbanism in the House.


In the middle of the nearby official prize ceremony, it suddenly starts to rain. The Nordic pavillion becomes the refuge for a wet crowd.

Stroom is here

Bonebreaking interview with eminent Francien van Westrenen from Stroom den Haag, Dutch art and architecture centre.

New York vs Oslo

New Storefront director Eva Franch in conversation with Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø from At Work With residents 0047.


Making notes of architecture.

27 Aug 2010

You're the one that I love

Towards the end of the day, the party explodes. Top feature: Economy (Jessica and Tor Lindstrand) sings karaoke.

Study visit

Students from the newly started school of architecture at the University of Umeå visit the pavillion. With some beer from our fridge, we have a good discussion.

Big sleep

Everyone tired after all the food and drink at the official exhibition opening.

Shotgun journalism

Interview with the journalist Julie Oftedal at the norwegian magazine Arkitektnytt, who immediately interviewed back.


Spontaneous office meeting.

Small opening

The Finnish ambassador Pauli Mäkelä opens the exhibition at the Nordic pavillion. Coctail frenzy follows.


Arranging the space for a conference of kids.

Lounge ring

The lounge ring is inauguratively tested by the director of the Swedish Museum of Architecture Lena Rahoult and the president of Swedish Association of Architects Laila Strunke.

The morning job

Filling our lounge couch with about 100 million small extruded polystyrene balls.

26 Aug 2010

Having a beer

At Work WithAt Work With during the opening day of the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.

25 Aug 2010

Finished and up

At Work With
Final night before opening. Ready for anything, everything up and running, except videos since our hard drive went goodbye. If you have any clips you want to share with the world on the topics of work, office space, architecture or anything you need the world to see, then please send a link or mail a clip.

24 Aug 2010

Halfway there

At Work With
Slowly things are getting ready. Went with Elisa, who is working for the Biennale, to the mainland to buy a PA-system and a smoke machine. Now we can host both the Swedish Ambassador and a Karaoke party. We also got a fridge delivered. Stocked to the brim with the cheapest beer money can buy. In a choice between one kind of expensive sponsor beer or a multitude of cheap ones we of course went for Oldmeister, Birra!, Gravenstein and Hell Bier. Spent the afternoon building a green house, hanging buntings, installing the printer and chatting with people coming by. Heard from very initiated sources that if there were a Golden Lion for the most rocking Pavilion we would win hands down.

23 Aug 2010

Mirror floor

BUILDING: At Work With
People meet in Architecture, and decide to have an office party. The mirror foil floor is in place. Green house next.