the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

21 Aug 2010

20 m³ of exhibition

BUILDING: At Work With
Probably as good as it will ever get, or as Barnett Newman said -"Color is never as beautiful as when it is still in the tube."

20 Aug 2010

Building for kids

Building starts today. Everything for the project arrived intact and we have met lots of friends already. Unfortunately Italy can sometimes be a bit like a police state. Kids are strictly forbidden from the Biennale area due to security (read insurance). We have to smuggle Pelle in, sleeping in a card board box. More about this project tomorrow.

19 Aug 2010

Planning for activity


We want to make a room that changes, indicating more an action plan than a fysical structure. The space is priveided with some infrastructure that all groups can create different settings with, including square desks, 40 white Chinese plastic stools, a greenhouse and a 20metre sitting ring.

A model of the Nordic pavillion

How do you handle the Nordic pavillion? How can you make an exhibition that aids the perception of Sverre Fehns building, without surrendering to it? With small tricks like the waxy silver paper that reflects the roof construction, we want to instigate something that is out of it, that is a world of its own , and therefore leaves the pavillion intact.

At work with the blog

Our blog is up, and the Nordic pavillion is still empty. We have created a simple Blogger blog that all our invited teams may use to continuously post activities as they occur. Each post shows a foto or film. Click on the image, and you will be transferred to its original, on our pages on either Flickr or Vimeo