the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

16 Oct 2010


Discussing sauna constructions with the audience
Discussing sauna design with an interested audience.

A leaf and a stone to be painted

Styrofoam stone and leaf
Someone stole the leaf while it was drying!

Styrofoam stone

Making a stone
Making a styrofoam stone to add to the stones in the pavilion.

A pigeon

Should I stay or should I go?

Favourite pavilion

This is Andrea's favourite pavillion
Andrea studies architecture in Venice and this is his favourite pavilion and favourite show at the biennale. Thank you very much!

15 Oct 2010

Friday beer

We invited the other pavilion workers for the traditional friday beer after closing time.

Model making

Update on the sauna project.


A lot of school classes today. Many of the students started using the white board to write messages to each other.

Old school tagging

Eko Arch was here.

Daily business

Working on a first outline of a book that will present previous works of Uglycute.

Working with presentation possibilities

Using the green house as a heated space for presenting videos.

Presenting works in the pavilion

The green house seems to be a more popular place for watching our videos in comparison to the attempt yesterday with just installing a monitor by the trees in the open space.

14 Oct 2010


All of the headphones for the audio guide were suddenly missing.

Relaxed part

The couch at the moment.

Project presentation

Installing a video of a wood carving, timber project.


Update on the progress of the sauna model.

13 Oct 2010


In the late afternoon, working with a beer is helpful.


Working on the blog.


Our working environment in halogen light.

Note pad

Taking notes, dance, choreography film project.

Cold days

Experimenting with improvising a Kotatsu by covering the sides of a table with paper and with the use of a radiator.

12 Oct 2010

Drawing class

Students from Venice school of architecture doing a drawing of the pavilion as part of a class.

Sauna model in progress

Working on the sauna model.

Sauna model

day 1, 2
Fredrik starts working on the Sauna model.

Uglycute has arrived

Day 1
We are beginning with putting up signs on the projects we are working with during the week. Signs to help the audience and ourselves knowing what we are doing here. This is an uncut version of a dance film we made together with Anna Källblad and a question to the audience if they can help us to come up with titles of the scenes. Titles conected to architecture and dance.

10 Oct 2010

First prize

Due to the fragile and (con)temporary character of the winning proposal, we did not see that it was fit to be brought with us back to Oslo, though we documented it thoroughly. The winner (and possibly a separate selection of the other proposals) will be the basis for the next cover of Conditions magazine. First prize, by Giovanni Pignatelli: In Giovanni's proposal we see the (immediate) future of competitions. Beautiful and eye-catching with elegant dynamic lines it may be a failed attempt at a hologram but to us it is an edgy comment on the essence of what the future of architectural competitions might come to look like. Trying out a crazy idea with a maybe unintended suggestive and fantastic result. It's a proposal that explodes the borders and conditions of what a magazine cover can be. The reflection of the material puts authorship and interpretation into question, the folding three-dimensionality of the design turns the flat and numb material into a bottomless container for architectural knowledge - well fitted to envelope the endless possibilities of "The future of competitions". It goes beyond all ever before seen qualities of a printed surface. Well done! After contacting the winner his mother Monica has put forward the following statement: "Giovanni is an 11 years old Italian boy born in Zürich but now living in Milano and attending the International School of Milan."

Second and third prize

third and second
Second prize, by anonymous: A perfectly composed bold and funny take on the issue. We (the jury) are weak for the anti-establishment expression. This must be Italian punk, dirty glamour and "can't help it must be elegant". Or is it maybe the expression of utmost decadence or neo-dada? We don't know, but we do know it's the future and that's what we asked for. An added value point for fitting very well in the line of previous Conditions covers. Third prize, by Elena X: Is this where competitions are taking us? The proposal charms the jury by catching the spirit of Venice, where more always is more. It falls from being a first prize winner on the point that it hasn't taken the probably astronomic print costs into consideration - and the proposal would loose it's essence if the design had to be reduced and "flattened". But still, a cover to remember!

Honorable mentions

honourable mentions
Honorable mentions with some brief comments. Top left by anonymous: The path is the goal. Top centre by anonymous: I LOVE your work. Top right by Diego Abambula: The one-eyed plural-armed highly competitive future! Bottom left by anonymous: Nice and tactile, would want to play with it! Bottom centre by anonymous: Creativity cannot end just because the paper does. Bottom right by Vittorio Gandolfi: Competition, a snake in paradise? Survival of the oddest.

The jury has reached a verdict

cover competition
The jury of the Conditions magazine cover art competition for the coming issue "The future of competitions", at the At Work With residency, Nordic pavilion, Venice architectural biennale has come to an unanimous decision. We have agreed on a winner, second and third prize and six honorable mentions. The jury (consisting of Kristin Bø, art director, Björn Ehrlemark, editorial board Sweden, and Gislunn Halfdanardottir, web editor) would like to thank all of the participants for their wonderfully fun and inspiring proposals!

Cover art in the hundreds

Kristin Bø, art director at Conditions magazine, has now finished documenting the result of the cover art competition. Next step for the jury will be to consider the over 200 entries. Many thanks to all of the participants!