the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

23 Oct 2010

Pleasure of curiosity ...

pleasure of curiosity
enjoy flexible architecture.

A creative mind

creative mind
The role of the creative mind is to convince people.

Individual project presentation

project presentation
In the afternoon we had some more quiet moments for good discussions. A Slovakian project for activating public space was presented to us, which lead to an idea for a T-shirt.

The library chart

rhyzomatic library chart
This chart lists all organizations, members and publications, and the rhizomatic connections between those.

The rhizomatic library

rhyzomatic library 2
Thank you to all who have contributed to the rhizomatic library! The idea popped up after the Rhyzom seminar in Paris, which was organized by aaa (atelier d'architecture autogérée). It contains printed matter such as papers, books, texts and posters by PEPRAV/aaa; Fernando Garcia Dory; Fiona Woods; Mathias Heyden; Agency (research centre at Sheffield University) with among others Florian Kossak, Doina Petrescu and Tatjana Schneider; Park Fiction; Ruth Morrow and Peter Mutschler, and Bryonie Reid; Public Works with among others Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang; Kud Obrat with among others Apolonija Sustersic; FATALE (Feminist Architecture Theory - Analysis Laboratory Education) with Katarina Bonnevier, Brady Burroughs, Katja Grillner, Meike Schalk and Malin Zimm; The New Beauty Council with among others Annika Enqvist and Thérèse Kristiansson; SITE magazine with among others Jeff Kinkle, Staffan Lundgren, Helena Mattsson and Sven Olov Wallenstein; Axl books by Staffan Lundgren; KTH School of Architecture; and our own publications.

T-shirt interaction

t-shirt 2
The T-shirts go well too.


white board
And the whiteboard comes second.

The greatest attraction

donut dreams
Most popular is the former donut.

Weekeend rush

weekend attack
Saturday was the busiest day so far. We hardly managed to refill the catalogues. People were rushing through, no time for conversation. They were taking photos of us - today we became the objects in the space.

22 Oct 2010


Situated architecture.


Situationist architect or architect in situ?

Architects are free

touch the architect
Architects are as free as artists.

Free speech

Can you change your context as an artist or architect?


Are artists more free than architects?

Venetian school

In the afternoon, a Venetian art programme came to visit us.

In Portuguese

became so popular that we produced it once more in Portugese for the architect daughter of a Brasilian visitor.

Window display

"Don't use your skill as a tool of oppression. Become a barefoot architect! Skip prostitution"...

Ironing work

and in ironing work.


and in the design for a T-shirt...

Studio visit

Swedish artists Anna Kindgren and Carina Gunnars came to see us. We took the opportunity to interview them, discussing possible roles of architects and artists in contemporary society. The discussion resulted in a message...


All the headsets for the audio guides got stolen last week, but never mind, the audio guide equipment is still useful in other ways.

21 Oct 2010

Rebellious lemon

A story about pasta and rebellious lemon.


The T-shirt made with the son's drawing depicting his dream house will be his gift.

Architecture of the future

discussing the image
Discussing the image.


Right size?

Interested actors

architecture of the future
"Architecture of the future" in the making.

20 Oct 2010

Massive attack of icecubes

Suddenly, towards the end of the day, a tremendous hailstorm unleashes over the Giardini.


Architecture is a way to live in peace with other people.


Architecture is everything.


every project starts here
Every project starts here.


Done! Connecting architecture.


The production enters its most intensive phase.


Ironing keeps us warm.

Architectural roles

Production in action: Discussing architectural roles and identities, naming and making images, printing and ironing.

First T-shirt production

Our first T-shirt in the making: "Architect milkman" shows a milkman who delivers the milk after the earthquake as every day, though buildings have crumbled...

Massive attack

Some T-shirt suggestions take inspiration from the library. Thank you SITE! Thank you Public Works!


The rhizomatic library is always well attended.


Getting ready and setting up the T-shirt production line for the day.

19 Oct 2010


good night first day
Relaxation after work. We had a good day. Good night Nordic pavilion!


Our first discussion round with architecture students and their professor from Ljubljana.


gardening interaction
Setting up the garden, and chatting with a visitor.

Garden house

kitchen 2
Part of our space is a kitchen garden house, which you can reach by walking through a forest.

Our programme

The professional role of architects has changed. Since the making of the architect, the discipline has been reinventing itself over and over again in dynamic relationships to shifting economies, cultural codes, individual and collective aspirations. We suggest that transforming roles also change practices and perceptions of architecture. Disciplinary definitions are branching out, and inventing new and old architectural roles is part of the game. What architect are you? Between the 19th and the 24th of October, we will act as exhibition guards, as librarians for a rhizomatic library, keepers of a herb garden and tea bar, projectionists, and moderators of the role-play: What architect are you?

Warming up

library 2
Good bye Uglycute, hello Meike Schalk and Apolonija Sustersic with Sara Badovinac and Katja Skoric, one German and three Slowenian migrants taking care of the Nordic pavilion this week. We will produce T-shirts and set up the space as a production line: A rhizomatic library, followed by a conversation table for discussing architectural role playing, a drawing table, and an ironing board...

18 Oct 2010



The crew behind At Work With is very happy to announce a project by AGENCY curated by SUPERFRONT in collaboration with Economy and Testbedstudio.

AGENCY has been selected to exhibit at the Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia), acting as ambassadors for SUPERFRONT in collaboration with At Work With at the Nordic Pavilion to realize "30S", a crowdsourced video installation addressing the role of the architect in the design of public space. Please see Exhibit Description on our website for more information about the theme.

You can be part of the exhibit!

AGENCY kindly asks that you film your primary architectural workspace from a static vantage point, for 30 seconds, during your normal workday.

Contributors are encouraged not to edit, alter, or tidy their workspace for purposes of the video, to leave all traces of productivity, personality, and creative expression.

Filmed workspaces should be where you spend the most time during the day, and can include computer stations, drafting tables, model shops, fabrication labs, construction sites, classrooms, or a host of other environments conducive to architectural endeavor.

No one should be filmed while working at the workstation.Upload exactly 30 seconds of digital video to your account on YouTube, and email a link to your video to with 30S in the subject line. Please send a link only.

Video files sent to this address, and links to other online video services will not be reviewed or shown.

For crediting purposes, please name your video on YouTube in the following format:


substituting your first name, last name, and location of video in the appropriate spaces

Full credit will be given to all contributors whose videos are shown as part of the exhibit.

The exhibit opens on Tuesday, October 19. Join AGENCY, the Nordic Pavillion, and SUPERFRONT in person, or over Skype for a special introduction to the project at 5:00pm Venice time (CEST/UTC+2). '30S' will be on display from October 19, 2010 through the end of the Biennale on November 22, 2010.

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until October 19, 2010. Late submissions will be reviewed and accepted on a weekly basis until November 21, 2010.

17 Oct 2010

The Uglycute office

In Venice, at least for six more hours.


The solution of how to drain the roof.

Sauna interior

It has been an interesting but slow process with making the model of the sauna in public in the exhibition. A lot of visitors and a lot of questions but the interior is now almost done.

Fake stone and leaf added

Fake stone and leaf added
Disturbing the serenity of the pavilion by adding a stone and a leaf made out of styrofoam.

Styrofoam stone and leaf ready to be put out

Styrofoam stone and leaf ready to be put in place
We made a new leaf to replace the one that got stolen yesterday.