the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

2 Oct 2010

After work

AFTER WORK at the Nordic Pavilion
We invited all pavilion workers over for an after work beer. Here is the English team discussing the latest news in contemporary architecture.

Film still

Mixing architectural model work, imaginary landscapes and associative film production, we are working on an on-going film project were the set moves and the camera is fixed. A 75 cm circular board is mounted on a disco-ball motor rotating with a speed of 1,5 revolutions per minute. Each day we build a new set and record one rotation. These film clips are then edited together.

1 Oct 2010

The film wheel

At Work With: Economy
We are hard working on setting up our rig for shooting, complete rebuild today. In the background we show Zombieland becoming the most popular pavilion amongst the many teenage visitors.

30 Sept 2010

Work vs play

At Work With: Economy
Getting any kind of proper work done in the Nordic pavilion during the Biennale has proven to be a challenge. Constant disruptions and cleaning, cooking, opening, closing. Worst of all are the visitors, standing over your shoulder too scared to talk or even worse, searching the surface of the desk trying to locate a work of art. This is of course taking things completely the wrong way. The real problem with work today is that we are addicted to efficiency, setting up goals and perfecting the way to get there. We seriously need to re-consider and say goodbye to cybernetics. Feedback sucks. Who, seriously, wants to work in a loop? The dependence of "good work" or "good projects" is a trap. Precisely because they exclude any other kind of work. Who stands up for bad projects, half-good ideas and misguided attempts? This week we are getting in over our heads in whimsical work. If we come to a fork in the road, we take it. Bring on the collapse of multitasking and we welcome attention deficit disorder. On the way we are accidentally meeting wonderful people. They all happen to be visitors.

29 Sept 2010

Lecture / presentation

At Work With: Economy
Economy arranged a presentation for the first year students from the School of Architecture in Stockholm, talking about At Work With, the role of the architect in contemporary society and the importance of Tex-Mex Architecture.

28 Sept 2010

Live from Venice

Welcome to Economy. During our residency week at the Venice Biennale from the 28 of September to the 3 of October, we broadcasted live during the whole week using Ustream. Stay tuned.

26 Sept 2010

Cleaning and leaving

The time has come for Svensk Standard to leave the Nordic pavilion into the good care and productive splendor of Economy. We will miss the pavilion and all the people that we met (in architecture) there. Many thanks and hugs to Testbedstudio and Economy for inviting us and to IASPIS for funding us.

Summing up

After a hard week at work, Svensk Standard retires to the donut for a moment of reflection and critique.

A Svensk Standard guide to...

The polished official texts of the Biennale caught our eye and we decided that a little appropriation was in order. Voila! Our own super-slick guide to At work with Svensk Standard.

Strategies for building your own palace in Venice #4

Strategies for building your own palace on a prime location in Venice #4: Third and last level. The third level is the most impressive level, like in Palazzo Ducale. This level is copying a temporary structure with arcs to give it a Venetian touch. With the temporary aesthetics of this palace, it will likely be accepted by the people of Venice, just like the temporary bridge Ponte dell'Accademia from 1854, which was replaced by a copy of the temporary bridge in 1985.

Lion beaver stucco

Anders is mastering the reproduction of the ancient Venetian winged lion beaver in pink styrofoam. The lion beaver was found in Basilica di San Marco.

The unnatural

Venetian mask, smoke machine and The Knife, makes the ordinary a little bit less ordinary.

Forgotten robot #6

Forgotten robot #6: "Råbåt". The last of the robots is the råbåt.

Cesare, the aspiring actor

Cesare (looking into the camera) helped us with our project. He comes to the Biennale each year and makes a video reportage. He offered us a lecture about the pavilion and interviewed Caroline. Thanks for this moment Cesare!

Small talks

Whilst folding, Carro is informed about international education in Slovenia. The kids offered us styrofoam souvenirs for our grid. The future is looking bright!

Boat assistance

The latest contribution to the boat production: A red sailing boat made by a red dressed lady.

Working Venetian

venedig dag 6-0258
Masks are a pretty good way to attract people's attention.

Ode to Yves Klein

After folding 600 paper boats, some of us felt the need to commit an architecture suicide.

Forgotten robot #5

Forgotten robot #5: "Birro".

Sharing knowledge

venedig dag 6-0263
A happy Venetian architect showed Fredrik some new folding techniques. Then we had a nice chat about Scarpa, Venice and ancient cars.

Haunting Venice #3

The University of Venice needed a mystical touch: Postcards and a triangular obelisk did the job.