the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

9 Nov 2010

Boing Being - Tuesday - MIND

THE PATH must be gone,

wide brain path into gulfs of the subconscious

with the walls they swing the mind

restless animals

warm, cold, warm

the prophecies echo in the one to be gone

they move the one dozing

splendid valiant powerful dream

thought behind the universe

from possibilities

from limitless thought, from wide


to sing the aria

one widens, widens

it is based on the time, it begins anew, to dream

one dreams, it looks for a form

one can look for true

truly rumble olemisen hormistoa

seinää float snarl facing

farm farm

mental kehikoissa

fly save and brad

spectrum sky and slept

scale liberty , shady architecture

(As translated from Finnish into English with variety of online translators, we present you the new online language that's created in-between.)

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