the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

25 Sept 2010

Forgotten robot #4

Forgotten robot #4: "Pregofant". Behold the Pregofant.

Smoking hot

The pavilion is crowded today and smoke is rising from the office table.

Haunting Venice #2

the san larazzo lepers
The monastery island of San Lazzaro outside Venice has a mythical past which its mental image thrives upon. An enhanced, modern imagery for the island has been created through postcards depicting San Lazzaro's unknown, dark secrets. "Venice of the mind" contiunues to grow.

Strategies for building your own palace in Venice #3

Strategies for building your own palace on a prime location in Venice #3: Second level. The facades fronting the canal at the backside of Palazzo Ducale are clad with scaffolding and huge prints of a blue, cloudy sky, which has been there for three years due to the renovation of the facades. Tourists and Venetians has started to see it as a part of the city image. In the future it is likely that the temporary structure will be a long lasting structure and a tourist attraction. Level two of the palace uses scaffolding covered with textiles, with cut out clouds as windows. Tourists will love it.

Places for play

Places for Play
Small survey of places for play in Venice. Existing, possible and structures that might be used in order to produce a "Venetian" playground typology.

Forgotten robot #3

Forgotten robot #3: "Peaches". And yet another robot emerges from the operation table at the Nordic pavilion.

Boat production

Svensk Standard tries to top the Arsenale by producing more than 300 boats a day.
Keep on folding!

Draging for Vencie

Objects once lost to the sea are brought back ashore to inhabit the grid, bringing with them the aroma of the seabed.

24 Sept 2010

Half past

More than halfway through our stay here at the Nordic Pavilion, production is at full speed and the grid is starting to get populated by artifacts. Our Venice is slowly growing.

Strategies for building your own palace in Venice #2

Strategies for building your own palace on a prime location in Venice #2: Plinth level. In different places in Venice you can find piles of benches, used for temporary structures to walk on when parts of the city become flooded. The plinth level uses these benches as building blocks. If you take one bench from every pile in the city, you can build a pretty big plinth level that people will think is temporary.

Forgotten robots #2

Forgotten robots #2: "Venize". Another forgotten robot has been reanimated.


cristiano toraldo di francia
The first visitor of the pavilion this morning was Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. He explained that "I was also a part of a group that worked with a grid once... it was called Superstudio".

Early morning start

Some of us "got up with the rooster" this morning and cleaned the pavilion.

Quarter to three-drag

Daniel continues his tireless subsurface explorations, this time during night. The magnet caught a lot of strange artifacts, which could be refered to as "ancient iron" or "cosmic ore". Now these shards of urban culture will be further analyzed and deciphered to reveal its origins and the myths behind and in front of them.

23 Sept 2010

Strategies for building your own palace in Venice #1

Strategies for building your own palace on a prime location in Venicey #1: Foundation. Pour concrete on the pavement and write "Provisorio". No one will notice.

Haunting Venice #1

Venice is very much a city of the mind, it's identity being built by both real and fabricated myths. One could argue that the "Venice of the mind" is more real than the physical city. The mental image is what we bring home from our trip and what all the souvenirs depict. While the physical Venice can't be transformed or modernized, Venice of the mind can. In "Haunting Venice" Ola attempts to fabricate updated versions of classic Venetian phenomena, such as the Ghetto, which got hauntology-washed through give-away postcards...

Respect the electricity

We do not respect the electricity as much as the Italians respect the architect.

Forgotten robots #1

Forgotten robots #1: "Cigge". Karin and Sara are working with robots made of things they've found in Venice.

Learning from Venice

Anders is measuring and copying Venetian ornaments to bring them home to Solna.

The printer is working

This morning we got new toner for the printer. Print fiesta.


Digging up the Nordic pavilion.

22 Sept 2010

Office table

venedig 4-0156
After the presentation, some of us felt like we needed to produce a bit more.

First presentation

venedig 4-0149
Today we had the first presentation of everyone's work so far. We will have a presentation every day at 14.00 in the Nordic pavilion, and the grid will slowly turn into our own interpretation of Venice.

The grid goes archeological

Venice, sinking into its own waters and shedding its traditional urban functions, can be construed as a "dying" city. Through "Venice of the North", Svensk Standard performs an archaeology - the recovery and examination of remaining traces and artifacts - to explore possibilities for the animation of both a city and a pavilion, through the active gestures of mapping, exhibition, collection, curation and architectural intervention.

21 Sept 2010


Venice is gridded...

Climbing Venice

We brought a Playstation and the game Assassin's Creed, in which you can run and climb around to experience Venice from another perspective.

We rearranged

Here are all of us starting from the very back left, going around clockwise like a spiral: Daniel Johansson, Fredrik Andersson, Caroline Ektander, Rutger Sjögrim, Bree Trevena, Joël Jouannet, Sara Liberg, Martin Losos, Helen Runting, Markus Wagner, Karin Matz, Anders Berensson and Ola Keijer.

At work with Svensk Standard

XYM welcomed us to the pavilion. They encouraged us to rearrange and so we did.

19 Sept 2010



Whiteboard action

Sunday morning branding time on the At Work With whiteboard.