the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

10 Oct 2010

First prize

Due to the fragile and (con)temporary character of the winning proposal, we did not see that it was fit to be brought with us back to Oslo, though we documented it thoroughly. The winner (and possibly a separate selection of the other proposals) will be the basis for the next cover of Conditions magazine. First prize, by Giovanni Pignatelli: In Giovanni's proposal we see the (immediate) future of competitions. Beautiful and eye-catching with elegant dynamic lines it may be a failed attempt at a hologram but to us it is an edgy comment on the essence of what the future of architectural competitions might come to look like. Trying out a crazy idea with a maybe unintended suggestive and fantastic result. It's a proposal that explodes the borders and conditions of what a magazine cover can be. The reflection of the material puts authorship and interpretation into question, the folding three-dimensionality of the design turns the flat and numb material into a bottomless container for architectural knowledge - well fitted to envelope the endless possibilities of "The future of competitions". It goes beyond all ever before seen qualities of a printed surface. Well done! After contacting the winner his mother Monica has put forward the following statement: "Giovanni is an 11 years old Italian boy born in Zürich but now living in Milano and attending the International School of Milan."

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