the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale 26/8 - 21/11 2010.

7 Sept 2010

Moving architecture

Our first day begins motivated: We remove a lot of things from the scene to create an atmosphere that comes near to what we are usually working with in Oslo. A reception welcomes the visitors for a first hello and introduces them to our publications. We sit just behind it working so that we can talk to everybody, answer questions and have an eye on the media lounge as well. The media lounge is also something new we use for our week. Since the idea of holding the lectures inside of the ring worked out so well, we took it a step further and put a low table into it. We installed the TV-screen on top of it and fed the table with examples of our books. For the actual working space of "At work with" we reduce the number of tables to two and turn the gardening house into our kitchen and staff-room. Erik’s "green architecture" perfectly agrees with this idea because it makes us feel cozy in there and has the coffee in-between even tasting better.

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